Marisa Shurman Meet the Sandboxer

Marisa Shurman – Meet The Sandboxer

In this month’s edition of Meet The Sandboxer, our post comes from Marisa Shurman, an Influencer Marketing Specialist at Sandbox.

What do you do/when did you join Sandbox?

I joined the team back in March of 2021 and work with the very awesome influencer team to help connect creators with opportunities within the gaming industry. I also help with brainstorming fun and exciting events while using creative ideas that help make them an unforgettable experience 🙂

Favorite experience at Sandbox?

Our staff-offsite events are some of my favorite experiences. Working remotely can sometimes be hard to stay connected with your team, so we make sure to find times throughout the year to all meet up. We’ve gone to some really awesome places and done some really awesome things ranging from axe throwing, and escape rooms to just hanging out and catching up!

First video game console/memory?

I remember playing on the Commodore 64, but the one that really sticks out to me is the Sega Genesis & Sega Saturn which I played some of the Sonic series and Tomb Raider on.

What are you playing now?

I recently completed Baldur’s Gate 3 and jumped back into Cyberpunk 2077 to try out the new Phantom Liberty DLC. When I’m not playing heavy story driven games, I like to jump into a few rounds of Dead By Daylight with friends.

What are some of your hobbies outside of games?

I like to grab my photography equipment and hop into my jeep and find some quiet dirt roads to take photos of gorgeous landscapes and nature. It’s where I can decompress and take a moment to myself from time to time. I also like to paint, draw and cook!

Bonus Round – Once, long ago, you were voted the most likely to be turned into a Zombie first in an apocalypse. Having known you now for years – this was ridiculously wrong, you’re probably the one likely to survive! So, what are your 🧟 survival tips?

Grab enough food to keep you going for a few days. Water purifying kits, fire starts, warm clothing, first aid kit. Get out of the city and to somewhere with less people. Less people = Less Zombies. Learn what crops you can grow in your area. And a generator so you can play video games. You’re welcome.

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