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It’s summer! And it’s hot! When we aren’t by the pool or enjoying that summer fresh air, the best thing to do is to enjoy some cool AC with a video game. We asked the Sandbox team to list some of their favorite summer games recommendations!

Sandbox Summer Games

Marisa – I’ve been really enjoying Stardew Valley lately. It’s such a nice relaxing cozy game to kick back and relax to. My partner and I have also been playing a lot of Farming Simulator 22 together. So really, the summer of 2024 is all about farming for me I guess!

Rob – Summertime is best enjoyed outside, so we have a lot of fun doing geocaching. And also PokemonGO. That’s a perfect summer game as long as it isn’t too hot out.

JJ – As an FPS enjoyer I’ll be switching between XDefiant and The Finals throughout the next year, two great Arcade FPS games that don’t require me to sweat every game when it’s already hot outside. Will also be on the lookout for FragPunk, another very cool FPS to look out for – hoping it drops this summer so I can grind that out a bit!

Tim – Twitch’s algorithm started pushing multiple “the host does all the voices” Final Fantasy IX streams to me this month, and you know what…. they’re right. Summer is all about getting out of your castle, giving yourself a ridiculous nickname like “Dagger,” getting in too deep with a theater troupe, and overcoming your trauma by cutting your hair short. You got this, girl.

Tony – FF14 Dawntrail is pretty much being called a beach episode, so that may have all the summer vibes I can handle for the next 20 years. As it stands – the first game I think of when it comes to summer vibes is Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can island hop, catch bugs, and just relax with your friends on an island inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. There is nothing to do in this game except what you WANT TO DO and isn’t that just the vibes of summer?

Tyler – Something I really look for in summer gaming is things that I can pick up and play in bursts. Even better if they are easily portable or have a relatively short runtime! Summer is about being out and about, going places with friends and family, travel – all that jazz! Investing in massive experiences can feel a bit daunting (but who are we kidding, we all still do it)

I just recently finished Metroid Fusion which I think fits this bill pretty well being 5-ish hours. The game I keep coming back to for this though is the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. They’re lighthearted, bright, and fun – each one is portable in some fashion, and the gameplay loop is perfect for the pick-up and play mentality. They aren’t exactly short games – but perfect for flights, car trips, hotel stays, or general summer vibing. A particular callout to Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky though as they actually tell pretty rad stories for what they are.

Also – you know – Steins;Gate is all about the summer, so, as usual, just play that.

Val – I have to go with spooky summer camp vibes and recommend Supermassive’s The Quarry, where you play as various camp counselors trying to survive their last night at Hackett’s Quarry. I played it with my husband a couple years ago and think of it every summer now.

Zoe – I love playing games with family and friends over the summer, especially local multiplayer games! My go-tos are usually sports games because they’re easy to pick up for a quick match. Right now, I’m loving FIFA!

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