Among Us Improv

Among Us Is a Crash Course in Improv

By Timothy Agius A stir of voices quiets itself. As the lights go down, a tense moment of silence hangs in the air. Suddenly, the lights come back up, a loud noise blares, and it’s time to step out and

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The early Pokemon games are nostalgic for many who grew up in the 90's

Video Game Nostalgia

– By Tony Rivera Nostalgia is a powerful feeling and a deeply emotional one. A yearning for something we can’t quite put our fingers on but is most assuredly there and absolutely positive. It’s been proven that video games offer

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Kids Gaming

Kids and Gaming

By Rob Fleischer As a parent who works in the games industry, it’s always fascinating to see which games my kids gravitate towards. In the industry we’re always looking at the wealth of upcoming games, but there are millions of

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