Sandbox GDC + PAX East Highlights

Sandbox @ PAX East and GDC

Last week multiple members of team Sandbox had the chance to attend PAX East and GDC representing a number of our clients. Read some thoughts of the events and check out some photos below!


Dan Ketterer, Sr. PR Manager – “GDC 2024 marked not only my first time attending GDC, but also my first trip to San Francisco! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I had a great time hanging out with Rob and our Saber colleagues, meeting industry friends, and spending time with clients like DON’T NOD, GameMill, and Graffiti Games.

GDC is as much about connecting and socializing with other folks in the industry than anything else, and I enjoyed the laid back vibe of this show, compared to the bustling nature I was accustomed to at consumer shows like PAX, Gamescom, and (the artist formerly known as) E3. It was a fun trip, and being able to catch a Knicks win while I was out there only added to the memories!”

San Francisco trolley

PAX East

Tyler Gardner, PR Manager – “Wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever been more exhausted than after 4 days of PAX East, but it was worth it. Sandbox had many projects at the show including the Divinity Board Game, Heading Out, Hexadome, and the slate of Critical Reflex titles. I spent most of my time helping at the Heading Out booth, and it was amazing to see so many press, content creators, and fans all in one place!

I also had some time to wander the show floor, and there were too many awesome indie projects to even remember now. In particular a lot of the projects showing off for the first time ever publicly were great to see and awesome to chat with those devs. Of course as a chronic merch enjoyer, PAX can also be dangerous too 💸

With how remote this industry can be, these types of get together’s feel almost invaluable. It’s a good reminder that we all exist as more than just emails.”

PAX East show floor

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