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Wild Card Football x Sandbox In LA

This week saw the launch of Saber Interactive’s Wild Card Football, an exhilarating arcade football title. For fans of classics like NFL Blitz and Street, Wild Card Football should feel like home. Sandbox had the chance a few weeks back to help organize an event in LA to help promote the game.

Rob Fleischer (Pickle King at Sandbox Strategies) said of the event:

“Sometimes your job can lead you to amazing places with incredible people. Two weeks ago was one of those times. With the impending launch of Saber’s Wild Card Football, we worked with the NFLPA and Find Your Battlefield to put together an epic influencer event for launch. 

It was a chance to get some YouTube creators together with NFL players and showcase the game at a fun event, making sure that they would have awesome content to capture to make some really great videos for their channels.

We all met up in the Malibu Hills to play the game and coach up some NFL superstars. From the creator side we had CashNasty, ZackTTG, Moochie, Kristopher London, YoBoy PIZZA, and Eli Mack; and then we had NFL players Colin Kaepernick, Marshawn Lynch, Marcus Peters (CB, Raiders), Austin Ekeler (RB, Chargers), Van Jefferson (WR, Rams) and Asante Samuel Jr (CB, Chargers).

There was time to chill and talk to the players. Plus we had cool set-ups to play the game and then, a tournament where they got to go head-to-head.

It was a beautiful day and we got to spend it with wonderful people playing a super fun game, what more can you ask for?”

Wild Card Football is out now on all platforms, and congratulations to the team on a successful launch!

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