E3 2019 is just days away, and we can’t wait to see what announcements and releases are in store! Below, the Sandbox team shares some of their top gaming wishes to come out of the show.

Val: It’s no surprise to my team here since I’ve talked and tweeted about it relentlessly, but my #1 E3 gaming wish is: ANIMAL CROSSING! I will pretty much take any news I can get at this point. The dream is to get a fall release date and to have the Nintendo Booth decked out like the game, Tom Nook and all (though with the game not being playable at the show, this is extremely unlikely). Still, I can hope. If we don’t get any news out of E3 2019, please find me on the show floor and give me a hug, because I’ll be excessively sad.

Rob: Any chance we’ll see the return of some real classics…I think so! Looking forward to seeing what’s up with the Intellivision Amico and the new Earthworm Jim. I was lucky enough to get to work with some of the players involved in this project back in my early days so it makes it even more exciting to see what they are up to now. I have no doubt there will be some other throwback games and sequels announced which should make this year’s show all the more fun!

Shaun: New console announcements are some of my favorite events because they kick start an incredibly exciting time in the industry, the transition to the ‘next generation’. I’m super curious to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve, and I wonder if Nintendo will announce a new iteration of the Switch and/or a price cut. Game-wise, broadly speaking I’m just eager to be surprised by unannounced titles – it really does make me feel like a little kid again. I’m ready to see what the new Avengers game is all about. And I’m still hoping that Nintendo will announce they’re adding a lot – A LOT – more of their back catalog to their online service. Give me SNES and Gamecube games, big N! Oh, and maybe announce remasters of Super Mario Galaxy/Galaxy 2 while you’re at it ^_^

Tony: I am hype as always for what Nintendo has in store. It is my first show not being attached to a booth so I am extra excited to check out what Nintendo has going on (Pokemon + Animal Crossing). One other thing I’d be excited to see is what Larian has in store for Baldur’s Gate 3 – I look forward to tons of line waiting and playing games :)! Woo. E3 2019.

Santos: E3 has always been like Christmas for me. The sheer excitement the gaming industry shares collectively is infectious and just makes you happy to not only be a gamer, but excited as a person working in the industry. E3 comes and goes, and every year I sit back wishing for recreations of some of the past titles I grew up loving. Suikoden 2 & Legends of Legaia are just a couple titles from my childhood I wish I could relive with current technology and graphics. These worlds growing up were pivotal to me and my love for games. The stories that were crafted within these worlds and the amount of detail put into character development made these memorable even as I grew older. We have reached an interesting moment in gaming history where developers are starting to recognize the profitability in nostalgia. World of Warcraft Classic, COD: Modern Warfare, and Final Fantasy 7 are just a few that come to mind. Really gives me hope that my love for classic JRPGs may have some appearance at E3 soon enough. Until then, I’ll quietly boot up an emulator, crack open my Lunchables, and drink my Capri Sun this weekend.

Clara: Animal Crossing on Switch. That is all.

Pat: Before I start harping on about various known franchises, I do hope we get introduced to a whole bunch of awesome new IPs this year. Now that that’s out of the way, the first, and probably most unlikely, thing I’d love to see is another Capcom remake announcement. The Resident Evil 2 reboot was phenomenal and I can only hope Capcom reveals they’re giving some of their other titles the same treatment (looking at you, Dino Crisis). On the Nintendo front, I most definitely wouldn’t be bummed to hear they’re bringing a Mario Golf game to the Switch. Hmmm, beyond that, Starfield is another one. I know it won’t be present at the show but I’m eager to see/hear anything about this one. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a game that I know almost nothing about.

Dan: There’s a lot for me to be excited about at E3 2019. It’s my first E3, as well as my first time in LA! I’m looking forward to walking the floor and experiencing the show for the sight that it is. As for my E3 wish, I’d love to see some major console news/announcements. What better way to kick-off my debut at the show than with a glimpse at what’s on the horizon for the industry! I’m also curious to see what comes out of Netflix’s panel at the show and what their increased involvement in games could look like.

Corey: Chiller for Switch and a Tenchu remaster. Thank you for listening industry.