I had the pleasure of joining Playcrafting’s “Getting Noticed” panel with content creators and journalists last week in NYC. On stage with me were Harold Goldberg, Brian Crecente, iPodKingCarter, FhaeLin and Playcrafting CEO Dan Butchko. It was an eventful evening and the team at Playcrafting always does a great job executing on their events. There was a great mix of game developers, aspiring streamers, and students in attendance. The panel discussed topics ranging from getting started in games to best practices and covered a lot of ground in between.

While there is never a one-size-fits-all solution to anything, the opportunities Playcrafting provides for games-industry related networking and knowledge are really wonderful. Dan and his team are genuinely interested in helping the game community, as is evidenced by the variety of topics and programs they run and based on the feedback we heard from the mix of developers in attendance.

It’s always a treat to get out to live events and feel the energy from industry folks as they gather to share thoughts on games and how best to succeed in the industry. They are an awesome resource for anyone interested in learning about games or furthering their knowledge base as they have programs of all types. It is also worth noting that I came out victorious in the KungFu Kickball tournament! Hurrah! – Rob