We’ve been home for a week now and are finally recovered from a busy PAX East weekend. There were two of us (Tony and me) on the show floor, handling press and influencer appointments for Daedalic Entertainment. Daedalic had a huge booth, showing off 12(!) titles on their 2019 slate.

Everyone seemed to love their games; with a lineup that big, there’s something for everybody. Some of the big hits among press, content creators, and consumers alike were Iratus: Lord of the Dead, Felix the Reaper, Unrailed!, Witch It!, Barotrauma, and Cryofall.

While PAX itself is always entertaining, most of the fun at these conventions is had in the post-con social activities. This year was no exception. On Thursday night, we had the opportunity to get dinner with Daedalic and their dev teams. As an American who doesn’t travel out of the country enough, I really enjoyed hanging out with people from Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Russia. We work with international teams daily but interacting with them face-to-face is always special, and it doesn’t happen enough.Corey and Tony

Shaun, Tony and I devoured all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat at Fogo de Chão on Friday night, which was fantastic. Saturday night was the peak of the weekend, as Corey, Clara, Shaun, Tony and I attended the Adult Swim Party on the Spirit of Boston. The boat stayed docked for a couple hours before taking a cruise around the Boston Harbor. In addition to four hours of all-you-can-eat/drink, which alone is a highlight, the party provided a lot of laughs and fun with the Sandbox team and other friends. Working a convention can be exhausting, but it’s thepeople and festivities around the shows that make them worthwhile. – Dan