We recently had the opportunity to travel across Europe for a week as we visited friends and colleagues in London, Berlin, Vienna, Helsinki, and Espoo. Trips like this make you realize just how great the video game industry is. It amazes me how quickly you meet folks from overseas in games development, as talent is truly everywhere around the globe – from the major cities to the far reaches of the north to the rolling countrysides and all the places in between. We’ve seen games conceived and incubated in all sorts of conditions and in just about every way possible. Whether it be for consoles, PC, handhelds, or physical board games, it seems to be an outlet that is both immediately accessible and offers the opportunity for all types to excel – art, design, writing, coding, etc.

Rob and Shaun in Europe

Rob and Shaun

Our journey through Europe reminded me of these things. Despite different politics, language barriers, distinct cultures and the millions of other things that being thousands of miles apart can try and do to throw a wrench in one’s plans, games are a shared passion and have a way of uniting us in a very special way.

One of the great things about games is just how different the business can be. There are so many different ways you can do public relations, influencer work, basic marketing, community building, general development, etc. and all of them can be perfectly acceptable. The industry is constantly innovating and growing and what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow. To be able to sit down with others from around the world and talk about how they see things is a great joy. We are lucky to be able to celebrate other cultures, see other countries, and enjoy the company of talented people around us, and all in the name of games!

We look forward to continuing to hang out with our friends from around the world next month at GDC and PAX and then E3 and on and on after that….