Team Sandbox has just returned from our 2018 off-site in Montclair, New Jersey. Some of us at Sandbox hadn’t seen one another since last winter, making the meetup long overdue.

The crux of these off-sites is that they allow us to dig deep and reflect on the past year and improve our planning and strategy moving forward. Discussing what did and didn’t work and identifying how we can improve ways of working both internally and with clients is invaluable for our growth as an agency. While Sandbox does a great job staying in constant communication, taking the time to sit down one-on-one and in groups to provide feedback to each other is an indispensable tool for each of us to progress and expand the firm’s capabilities.

With everyone on our team operating in their own niche, our off-sites also provide a fantastic opportunity for the public relations folks to learn from the influencer team and vice-versa. As a PR person, it’s hugely beneficial to gain insight into how streamers and YouTubers operate – and how the influencer process is evolving heading into 2019.

From a social standpoint, getting together with such a close-knit group that doesn’t get to see each other often is a blast, and something that all of us at Sandbox look forward to. The group bonding was on full display this year with a Sandbox team dinner, an escape room, board games and plenty of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The success of this week’s time together has us talking about doing another meetup over the summer. Whenever it is, we’re all excited for the next Sandbox gathering!