Some of the Sandbox crew just returned from Boston, where we were staffing an NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 event with the game’s cover athlete, Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum. Tatum hit the sticks with Ronnie 2K, teaming up against iMAV3RIQ and Troydan for a series of pickup games streamed live on Ronnie’s Twitch channel.

One of the cool things about NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is it integrates streamers and YouTubers into the game in a pretty unique way. Influencers like iMAV3RIQ and Troydan are not only available to commentate the game as in-game announcers, but also as playable characters in the game – so when going up against Tatum, all three could play as their likenesses.

The first three matchups left iMAV3RIQ and Troydan undefeated (although they were all close contests). For the fourth and final game they switched up the teams, with Jayson and iMAV3RIQ coming up with the win. Winning and losing aside, it was clear that all everyone had a blast, and I’m excited to see the videos iMAV3RIQ and Troydan produce from the session.

I enjoyed last year’s title, and this year’s game with 2K on board has brought additional content such as Season mode, more courts and more players, which should make the title a much deeper experience. Luckily the game came out today, so I don’t have to wait to check it out!