There is something really nice about working with a team, especially when you see that team grow year over year. We have been extremely lucky here at Sandbox to not only get to work on video games every day, but to be surrounded with such great people. While we’ve added some new people to the mix, our team has been rock solid for years, as they celebrated 5, 6, 8 and 9 year anniversaries! Since our humble beginnings a little over 12 years ago we’ve managed to bring on really talented people. And in each and every case we get to see their skill set expand, just as the game’s industry evolves, so do the needs of our agency.

This week we put aside the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, VR gear, etc and we all got together, in the same room, for the first time in a while and it provided some time to reflect on how we got here. Some of us have traditional PR backgrounds, others writing, tech, and streaming, but we have found a dynamic that makes each and every one equally valuable. Learning from each other what we can each do to improve, and sharing ideas that can help the campaigns we are planning.

Being up to speed on the latest games is one thing, but building out and executing plans is entirely different. The gaming landscape seems to always be shifting. Where we used to live in IRC chats a decade ago, we are now popping in and out on Discord and Twitch. Evolving as new platforms come into play is both nerve-racking and exciting. The thing that makes it easier is having a group of diverse people that help one another. It seems there is always someone on the team who can provide answers and offer guidance, and for that we are all appreciative.