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We really liked this tweet from Brandon Boyer today because it states something that needs to be said: this will be an epic weekend for gamers. First of all, we have The Game Awards 2014 in Vegas tonight, which we think is an exciting opportunity to take the format beyond the limits of its TV roots. This show looks like it’s going to be a real treat for gamers, and we tip our hat to Geoff Keighley for having the huevos to put together this behemoth with his own money behind it.

Then there’s the PlayStation Experience this weekend, also in Vegas. Sony continues to consistently do the right thing in its aggressive support of the PS4, crafting an event that feels very focused on fan and indie developer engagement.

On the West Coast, the Experience Music Project in Seattle just launched their Indie Game Revolution pavilion, which we paid a visit to last weekend. It’s fantastic, perfect for game nerds or those who just need to amuse the kids.

And even in Washington D.C. – not usually a hotbed of gaming activity – the Smithsonian American Art Museum has a one-day “pop-up arcade” on December 7 called Indies from the Middle, self-described as a “curated collection of independent games that uniquely represent the character, personality, and aesthetics of the country’s mid-Atlantic region.” We’re happy for our friends at Relevant Games, who will be there, as well as for communities often left out of the conversation getting some much deserved attention.

But if going out is just too much work, there’s always great end-of-year releases like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions – not to mention about 100 other killer games we still have to catch up on – to play RIGHT NOW. Thank you for keeping this December interesting, video games.

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