New data from ICO Partners tells us Kickstarter gaming projects will raise an estimated $27,023,480 this year, a paltry sum compared to last year’s record of $57,934,417. No doubt that Steam Early Access has had a hand in this phenomenon: people are committing to a game that is playable, even if it’s super rough, rather than some concept art and a talking head video. Additionally, with the rise of Kickstarter successes came the inevitable failures – there’s real concern about projects getting finished on time and on budget.

That said, interest in crowdfunding is at an all-time high, particuarly for indie developers. Having worked on successful Kickstarter gaming projects, we can offer some advice to those pursuing this route. Read on and let us know what you’d add to the list.

1)      Be a notable game developer or have a nostalgia play.

2)      Plan the Kickstarter in detail 3 months out, including videos.

3)      Show real gameplay.

4)      Have a PR plan to launch the Kickstarter.

5)      Show passion, heart, and character in your videos.

6)      Have a video plan throughout the Kickstarter month and stick to it.

7)      Plan for nearly 24/7 community management.

8)      If offering real items as rewards, make sure you can actually get                them made and shipped affordably.