This is a guest post by our summer intern CJ.

With the onset of the next console generation, I decided that it was about time that I shift toward the PC as my go-to platform for gaming. Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles have some interesting features that are set to expand the way console gamers play and share their gaming experiences, but their offering has and probably will continue to be outmatched by gaming PCs. Here are a few reasons why I made the leap to PC gaming:

Indie Games: PC lacks many of the restrictions that can hinder independent developers. Whether independently released or by use of the indie-friendly distribution platform Steam, developers benefit from releasing their games PC due to its accessibility. Since any developer can put their games up for download, there’s a large variety of imaginative and unique games out there.

Mods: One of the biggest reasons why I’m personally opting to make PC my primary platform for gaming is due to fan-made content. As with independent developers, a single person or group of people can passionately work on adding new items, features, and even missions into their favorite games. Mods give players new toys to play with in their favorite games, which helps make existing games feel fresh and exciting again: I just found out that I can get armor for my pet rabbit in Skyrim!

Price:  While the entry point to building a rig for PC gaming may be more expensive than buying a console, the eventual savings are well worth the investment. Seasonal and holiday sales from Steam and Amazon alone are enough to help you grow your gaming library at a fraction of the cost of buying console games. Sites like Green Man Gaming and are also incredible assets when shopping for games on the cheap.

Performance:  The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are no doubt a vast technological leap forward in console hardware, but as consoles they will remain stagnant and non-upgradeable.  Developers will find new ways to squeeze the most performance out of these consoles, but a comparable gaming PC can be upgraded, allowing games to look and perform better than their console counterparts.

Disclaimer: these are simply my opinions. As a life-long console gamer, I simply chose to pursue an alternative platform for gaming – one that gives me the most features and choice in current and upcoming games.

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