We predict this will be a fantastic E3. Maybe the best ever.

Sure, the reveal of the Xbox One has not been smooth, the Wii U is not selling, and we don’t even know what the PS4 looks like. But we’re not succumbing to the internet hate. All the bellyaching in the hardcore game communities speaks to deep love of games on the part of those who make and play them. The casual crowd is fickle – squirrel! –  but serious gamers face an embarrassment of riches.

Ignore the drama on console specs and non-gaming features for a moment, and it’s clear each system will show compelling games at E3. The PC side is more vibrant than ever and the smartphone/tablet world is just downright bananas with outstanding, inexpensive offerings. If we see these items at E3, we’ll be high fiving:

  1. A clear demonstration of the LIVE Marketplace for Xbox One and PSN for PS4. We remain convinced that the key to next-gen success is an elegant, simple way to buy games.
  2. Pikmin 3. Yes, there are Nintendo fanboys in the house here. We need a truly progressive first-party Wii U game now, and we’re convinced Pikmin 3 is it.
  3. Galaxy S4 exclusives. This may be unlikely, considering Samsung doesn’t have dedicated presence at the show and all the other noise. But we love the fact that the installed base of Galaxy phones is now big enough to attract original games from top developers. Maybe someone will pull a mind-blowing game out of pocket.
  4. Steam Box. There is a strange lack of speculation on what Valve is planning for E3. We think they could steal the show.
  5. New IPs. The parade of sequels is a given, but new properties on next-gen (Microsoft already claims 15) are genuinely exciting.

The one thing we hope NOT to see? People crying in the aisles because Apple made an earth-shattering gaming announcement at WWDC. We’d love a game-enabled Apple TV as much as anyone, but would hate to see Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles kicked in the shins before they even stand up.

What do you hope to see at E3?