Three things happened last week:

First, Ridiculous Fishing was released for iOS – a brilliant game that is apparently selling very well.

Second, developer Vlambeer did a Reddit AMA where they discussed many things, including the $3 price point.

And third, the $3 price point steered video games in a vital new direction.

We can hear you saying “Uh, what? A bit early to tell, don’t you think?” But the truth is that Vlambeer (and his collaborators Zach Gage and Greg Wohlwend) has tapped into the growing anti free-to-play sentiment and created the kind of progressive “hardcore casual” title that is so good that gamers will pay a premium for it up front. This is exactly what countless developers have been dying to attempt. Many veteran developers are uneasy about relying only on microtransactions, but have either succumbed to the F2P hype or believed the only price available was $0.99. Here we have rock stars of the indie iOS dev scene, not a big publisher porting some big game, embracing a third way and succeeding. Right now Ridiculous Fishing is climbing the top grossing charts, but even if it doesn’t hit #1 (or even the Top 20), our prediction is that the game will be a smashing financial success.

Here’s to letting game developers make games the way they really want to, and actually making a living while doing it.